Are you looking for a way to highlight the value of your projects, whether to win more contracts or to convince potential buyers more easily ?

Horoma offers options to suit all your architecture visualization needs. 

Sketch render

A clean, simple wireframe or clay render for aerial shots or interior and exterior views.

  • Perfect for quick iterations during the concept stage
  • Ideal to get an overview of the project
  • Easy to repurpose in diagrams and other abstract representations

Photo-realistic render

A photo-realistic render that integrates your project in its future location.

  • Integrates the project's philosophy into the final graphical style
  • Ideal for architecture competitions, construction permits and off-plan property sales
  • Realistic rendering of materials
  • Natural and/or artificial lighting, during daytime or nighttime for a variety of atmospheres

Competition package

A turnkey solution designed for architecture agencies. All the graphical documents you will need from the concept stage to the presentation of your project, with close personalised follow-up. 

  • Sketch renders throughout the development of the project
  • Photorealistic final renders
  • Presentation layouts
  • No more need to rush hiring for a competition
  • Additional documents: site plans, elevations, axonometric drawings



With every render, we aim for the closest translation of the intention behind your project, by providing you with guidance and advice. With our deep domain knowledge and experience, you can expect minutely researched images — composition, ambience, environment (vegetation, skies, characters, light) —, everything expertly crafted to highlight the architectural qualities of your projects.

Horoma builds an original and unique vision for each one of your projects.


Why is architectural visualization a must-have today?

1. Convince potential buyers faster

Hand-drawn plans and views are over. All your clients now expect to see several 3D renders that will give them a clear picture of the home they're going to live in. High quality images will set you apart from your competitors and build a strong brand image.

2. Win more contracts and competitions

High-quality 3D renders play an increasingly important part in winning (or losing) architecture competitions. You cannot ignore professional renderings if you want to impress jury. 

3. Speed up the construction permit process

With nice photorealistic renders, you make your projects more easily understood. Avoiding administrative back-and-forth increases their chances of being accepted and built quickly.

4. Better highlight the qualities of your projects for your clients

Your presentations will be more powerful when paired with strong images that better communicate your projects' qualities — urban integration, lighting, materials, volumes —, and you will win people over more easily.

5. Meet your clients' rising expectations for more than simple 2D drawings

The first impression is often decisive. By showing your clients a vision of the finalized project, they can better judge and express their sentiment as the project evolves. A view from a well-chosen viewing angle is always more expressive than a simple drawing.

6. Identify & fix your projects flaws before it's too late

A few quick sketch renders are often enough to reveal potential conception flaws : bad lighting, insufficient ceiling height, unwise choices for materials. Fix them before it's too late.


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