Rendering Teardown

The feedback your renderings deserve, at last!

To improve the quality of the content we produce at Horoma, we want to see and understand first hand what challenges you face when creating archviz.

That's why we offer to give you the most thorough feedback you've ever gotten for one of your renderings.

Far better than a simple thumbs up on your Facebook post, we're doing a proper video with an in-depth critique of every aspects of the image you're submitting.

That feedback will help you jump from your current level to pure awesomeness (or at least avoid the usual newbie mistakes).

All you have to do is add to cart the package you're interested in below, give us a link where we can find one HD rendering you wish us to review, and then simply check out.

 A taste of what to expect

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Whether you're an amateur enjoying Photoshop in your spare time, or an archviz professionnal looking for some feedback on an important submission before a deadline, we've got you covered!

Monthly Free Rendering Teardown

The first monday of every month, we give away 8 Rendering Teardowns. These guys sell like hotcakes, so hurry up if you don't want to miss out!

What you get with this package

  • A 10-minute rendering teardown video tackling the main issue of your image

  • An annotated .psd file

  • Delivery within 5 to 8 business days depending on our studio current workload

Currently Unavailable

Premium Rendering Teardown

A bespoke critique for archviz professionals eager to finetune their image to the very last detail before the final deadline.

What you get with this package 

  • A 30-minute rendering teardown video tackling all the needed topics of your image to make it rock!

  • An annotated .psd file

  • Relevant precedents for inspiration

  • Delivery Within 48 hours (weekend included)

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